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Jeeping Since 1997

The Melbourne Jeep Owners Club (MJOC) was first established in 1997 and in 2022, we celebrated our 25th anniversary.

Our motto is 'we get'em dirty' which means we love to get out in the bush and enjoy the great outdoors in our Jeep. And we dont mind getting our Jeep dirty in the process.

You will often see an MJOC convoy heading out on a great adventure to one of Victorias' iconic 4WD destinations and beyond. It is great to see a convoy cruising along with headlights on, in formation, hearing the chatter on the UHF radio, heading for the hills of the high country or out into the Victorian deserts. Having fun, Jeeps getting dirty, setting up camp beside a mountain stream, sitting around a campfire with freinds and family.

Come and enhance your Jeep experience by joining the club for Jeep owners who love there Jeep and want to have fun with other Jeepers and explore this great land and all the adventures it offers.We make all Jeep 4x4 owners welcome.

MJOC caters for all ........  More 25 Years of Jeeping

One of favourite club activities is sitting around the campfire after a hard days Jeeping. This image was taken Easter 2023 at Avoca and was the winner of our annual photographic competition. The photographer was Sharyn McGregor. Our members love getting out in the bush on Jeep adventures but are also intensely aware to respect the environment and Tread Lightly.

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

We venture out to all types of locations and terrain, from the Victorian High Country, the Victorian Outback western deserts, local Ranges, and beyond.

Why Join Melbourne Jeep Owners Club?

Extend your Jeep experience by joining the Melbourne Jeep Owners Club. We are a family friendly 4WD club that caters for all Jeep 4x4 models and all levels of driver experience. And we all drive or own Jeeps, just like yours.

Members enjoy a wide range and variety of trips and events as well as member driver training.

Benefits include;

  • Rated 4WD Trips
  • Trained Trip Leaders
  • Free Driver Training
  • Social gatherings
  • VicRoads Club Permit Scheme
  • Volunteer and community stewardship
  • Monthly members meetings
  • Members only Facebook group
  • Affiliation benefits with Four Wheel Drive Victoria (FWDV)
  • Members are protected by Public Liability and Personal Injury Insurance through (FWDV)

Frequently Asked Questions - Check out our Frequently Asked Questions MJOC FAQ's

The MJOC Training Program


The MJOC Driver Training Program is designed to not only teach you the techniques necessary to develop a proficient level of skill and experience, but you’ll also learn how to drive off-road without causing damage or undue stress to your vehicle and get home safely.

It is also vital that all drivers going on a on a MJOC 4WD trip have a consistent level of driving and recovery skills to suit the conditions likely to be encountered. Find out more about our training More Information Here 

Bought a New Jeep Recently?

Congratulations on becoming a Jeep owner. I bet you can't wait to get it dirty. If you have an older Jeep or have a shiny new one get involved with MJOC. We can educate you on all that technology in your Jeep and teach you how to use it all. And also you can come on a MJOC jeep run and have some fun. Find out about joining the Melbourne Jeep Owners Club and extend your Jeep experience the right way.

MJOC Code of Ethics

  1. Protect and respect the public image of the club
  2. Drive in a safe and responsible manner by only driving on formed tracks and in approved, permitted areas
  3. Follow and respect safe driving and recovery protocols
  4. Care for the environment by avoiding sensitive areas to protect them for use by future generations
  5. Avoid damaging tracks by minimising excessive wheel spin which creates deeper holes and ruts
  6. Leave no trace of your visit – by leaving places, picnic spots and camp sites cleaner than you found them
  7. Respect the rights, peace and solitude of other recreational users
  8. When driving in or visiting cultural, heritage or environmental areas take care to protect and respect them and abide by any applicable laws or regulations
  9. Extinguish campfires with water until cold and follow all fire restrictions
  10. Respect the club Trip Leader and club convoy procedures

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Want to keep up with what MJOC is all about. Get an insight into club activities and trips. We have introduced a Newsletter that will be emailed to non-members from time toi time. It will be a way of following the MJOC family and keeping in touch. 

Simply select the link below fill in your details Name , Email etc and we will send you our newsletter.

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Want to check us out?

Come along to one of our meetings and have a chat with members and see how we do things. Our meetings are usually held in Ashwood which is near Mt. Waverley and is fairly central to most of our members. It's close to the Monash and Eastlink and easy to get to.

Find out more about our meetings 

MJOC Meeting Locations

MJOC Club Permit Scheme

More Information ....The Melbourne Jeep Owners Club offer the Vicroads Club Permit Scheme for members who own a Jeep that is older than 25 years. The Club Permit Scheme allows the vehicle to be driven for a limited number of days each year and saves owners a substancial amount on annual registration fees. This scheme is only available to club members so if you have an old Jeep check out the details on the MJOC Club Permit Scheme here More Information .....


Melbourne jeep Owners Club welcomes all models of Jeep. From the oldest to the newest Jeeps

Melbourne Jeep Owners Club Trips

Our club members enjoy rated 4WD trips that are suitable for your driving experience and vehicle set up. We have trained trip leaders who care for you all the way and make sure you have lots of Jeeping fun and get you home safely.

All members recieve free driver training which covers teaching what you need to know about your Jeep and how to use it safely in 4WD terrain. This ensures all the drivers on your trip know what they are doing. Newbies have to do training before being let loose on the trails.

Our Trip Leaders are trained in planning trips that are rated to suit the capabilities of both the driver and the vehicle set up. They do all the managing of the convoy, recoveries, destinations and ensuring that you enjoy your Jeep experience. 

Trips are rated as Easy, Medium, Difficult or Very Difficult. Our most popular trips are rated as Medium.

Check out our trip rating page for all the details about our trip ratings.

Trip Rating Guide

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Melbourne Jeep Owners Club - Tips and Tricks from our training team.

Preparing For A Trip

When preparing for a trip make a list of things you need to take. This list should include the basics such as clothing for all weather, Footwear that is suitable, Food and water, snacks and drinks, etc.


Make a check list for Day Trips, Campimg Trips, Vehicle inspections and essential equipment such as recovery gear etc.

There are some extra things to pack, these are in addition to the mandatory equipment on your check lists, these include:  

  • Suitable clothing and footwear for the day, be prepared for unforeseen changes in the weather.  
  • A spare set of clothes, tracks can be muddy and slippery. 
  • When arriving at the meeting point, you must have a full tank of fuel.
  • Adequate food and water for the trip.  

Its a good idea to make a note of the trip leaders phone number (listed in the trip information on the MJOC website) in case you are running late for any reason, try not to run late.  

Download the Free MJOC Trip Check List 

Check out more detailed information and Do's and Don'ts on our MJOC Tips and Tricks page.


Melbourne Jeep Owners Club welcomes all Jeep Owners and All Jeep Models both old and new. We also have the Vicroads Club permit Scheme for Jeeps that are older than 25 years.


MJOC Volunteer Projects

MJOC is very active in the community with many volunteer projects such as high country hut maintenance and supporting Narbieview Wildlife Shelter, Bush Fire relief and 4x4 track clearing. Our activities recently made the local news around Alexandra, Buxton and Marysville check out the article.

MJOC Media Articles

Narbeview Wildlife Shelter

The Narbieview Wildlife Shelter at Buxton is a not for profit self funded wildlife shelter on the Maroondah Hwy at Buxton in Victoria and the Melbourne Jeep Owners Club are proud to be involved in supporting the shelter with working bees and fundraising. the club regularly has volunteer members visiting the shelter to help with cleaning, feeding and maintenance. The Narbieview Wildlife Shelter has a facebook page and welcomes help anytime.
Check out the new Narbieview website for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

MJOC Frequently Asked Questions

Ask MJOC Direct

Have a technical question? Looking for a rare Jeep part? Want to sell a Jeep?
Fill in our direct contact form and we may be able to assist by asking our members. Just click on the link below, fill the form out and send it to us. We will get back to you directly with a response.

Contact MJOC Members Form

MJOC Sponsors & Supporters

MJOC Joining Agreement - Privacy and Safety

Check out the details of MJOC Joining Agreement and Privacy and Safety

MJOC Privacy Agreement
We acknowledge and respect Victorian Traditional Owners as the original custodians of Victoria’s land and waters, their unique ability to care for Country and deep spiritual connection to it. We honour Elders past, present and emerging, whose knowledge and wisdom has ensured the continuation of culture and traditional practices.