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Four Wheel Drive Victoria Insurance



Description of Business: Events and activities of Four Wheel Drive Victoria that have been approved as Four Wheel Drive Victoria and/or Club Activities, including but not limited to community volunteer work, training days, events, four wheel drive trips, attendance at and participation in trade shows, expos and club association meetings and events. 

Insured: Four Wheel Drive Victoria and its affiliated Clubs and Members. 

Limit of Liability: Public Liability $20,000,000 

Products Liability $20,000,000 

Property in Physical or Legal $ 250,000 Control of the Insured 

Deductible: $500 each and every claim Liberty International Underwriters. 

Insurer: Liberty International Underwriters. 

This policy is designed to protect FWDV and its Affiliated Clubs by responding to claims for compensation made against it for negligence causing bodily injury and/or property damage, for which FWDV and its Affiliated Clubs are legally liable, subject to the terms and conditions of the policy. 

Any person, including a member, has the right to make a claim against the policy if they are injured or have suffered damage to their property at a FWDV/Affiliated Club approved event, provided that the injury or damage to property is the result of FWDV and/or its Affiliated Clubs' negligence. This includes bodily injury or damage to property caused by another member of FWDV and/or its Affiliated Clubs. 


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Four Wheel Drive Victoria Insurance

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