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25 Years of Jeeping


The Melbourne Jeep Owners Club (MJOC) was first established in 1997 and in 2022, we are celebrated our 25th anniversary.

Our motto is 'we get'em dirty' which means we love to get out in the bush and enjoy the great outdoors in our Jeep. And we dont mind getting our Jeep dirty in the process.

You will often see an MJOC convoy heading out on a great adventure to one of Victorias' iconic 4WD destinations and beyond. It is great to see a convoy cruising along with headlights on, in formation, hearing the chatter on the UHF radio, heading for the hills of the high country or out into the Victorian deserts. Having fun, Jeeps getting dirty, setting up camp beside a mountain stream, sitting around a campfire with freinds and family.

MJOC caters for all Jeep 4WD models and trips are planned to suit both the vehicle capability and drivers level of skill. MJOC is not a social media group where 'anything goes' but we are an organisation with a proper management committee, trained trip leaders, trained drivers and properly planned trips and events where members enjoy lots of fun 4WD activities, safley.
All our club officers, trips and activities are protected by the clubs insurance covereage and we are affliated with Four Wheel Drive Victoria and Australian Recereational Motorist Association. We also follow the Tread Lightly principles and have a club code of ethics.

Make sure you check out how you can join this great Jeep club.


Our members love getting out in the bush on Jeep adventures but are also intensely aware to respect the environment and Tread Lightly.


We venture out to all types of locations and terrain, from the Victorian High Country, the Victorian Outback western deserts, local Ranges, and beyond.

Why Join Melbourne Jeep Owners Club?

Extend your Jeep experience by joining the Melbourne Jeep Owners Club. We are a family friendly 4WD club that caters for all Jeep 4x4 models and all levels of driver experience. And we all drive or own Jeeps, just like yours.

Members enjoy a wide range and variety of trips and events as well as member driver training.

Benefits include;

  • Rated 4WD Trips
  • Trained Trip Leaders
  • Free Driver Training
  • Social gatherings
  • VicRoads Club Permit Scheme
  • Volunteer and community stewardship
  • Monthly members meetings
  • Members only Facebook group
  • Affiliation benefits with Four Wheel Drive Victoria and ARMA
  • Members are protected by Public Liability and Personal Injury Insurance

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions 


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Melbourne Jeep Owners Club

10 Hot Tips For Driving In 4WD Terrain

Check out your Manufacturers Owners Handbook for correct operation of your vehicles technology.
Check the weather before you go. Are the tracks going to be dry or muddy?
Dont go on your own. You will need another vehicle to help if you get stuck.
Lower your tyre pressures when in 4WD terrain. This gives better traction and softer ride.
Use low range 4WD in steep terrain and use 1st gear for going down hills & 2nd or 3rd going up.
Learn safe recovery methods for winching or recovery strap use. Never use a Tow Ball for Recovery.
Do a 4WD training course and learn how to best use your vehicle safely
Join a 4WD club that is covered by Public Liability and Personal Injury Insurance like MJOC
Leave no trace of your visit to the bush - Take out what you take in
Respect the bush and only drive on formed tracks


Melbourne Jeep Owners Club welcomes all Jeep Owners and All Jeep Models both old and new. We also have the Vicroads Club permit Scheme for Jeeps that are older than 25 years.


Melbourne jeep Owners Club welcomes all models of Jeep. From the oldest to the newest Jeeps

Melbourne Jeep Owners Club Trips

Our club members enjoy rated 4WD trips that are suitable for your driving experience and vehicle set up. We have trained trip leaders who care for you all the way and make sure you have lots of Jeeping fun and get you home safely.


All members recieve free driver training which covers teaching what you need to know about your Jeep and how to use it safely in 4WD terrain. This ensures all the drivers on your trip know what they are doing. Newbies have to do training before being let loose on the trails.


Our Trip Leaders are trained in planning trips that are rated to suit the capabilities of both the driver and the vehicle set up. The do all the managing of the convoy, recoveries, destinations and ensuring that you enjoy your Jeep experience. 


Trips are rated as Easy, Medium, Difficult or Very Difficult. Our most popular trips are rated as Medium.

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Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

Frequently Asked Questions

MJOC Frequently Asked Questions

Members Meeting January 2023

Show and Shine Competion - Sponsor Displays - Car Boot Sale - BBQ Dinner,

Make sure you come along to the first members meeting for the year. It's the January 2023 Members Meeting will be having our annual 'Show and Shine' where you can bring your Jeep along and maybe win a prize. This is lots of fun because the members vote for each category and get involved.
We will also have some of our club sponsores with a display and also you can bring along any Jeep stuff to our Car Boot Sale.

There will be prizes for the show and shine winners, dinner and drinks will be provided and as always there will be great company.  If you have any Jeep related items that you wish to sell or swap bring them along for the car boot sale.

Catergories For the Show & Shine include

The "Elbow Grease" Award

For the most effort in presentation at the show

"Shooting for the Stars" Award
The vehicle with the most bling - extra points for chrome stuff

Golden Oldie Jeep Award
The oldest (Pre-1997) best kept Jeep driven to the show - Get those old Jeeps out of the shed and get them here 

"I am NOT a Wrangler" Award
Best presented Non-Wrangler Any model other than a Wrangler

"I'm the Greatest" Award
Most popular Jeep driven to the show

"I'm a BOGAN Award
I'm a Bogan and I dont care award - Least effort made to present vehicle

"I'm an Aussie" Award
Best Themed Jeep for Australia Day award

There will also be a Grand Champion Prize for the Jeep that gets the most votes overall.

The club will put on free food and drinks and with kind weather we will be in the carpark at Ashwood Hall where we have our meetings.
So make sure you save the date and register on the event so we know how many people will be there for catering.

Sunday February 19th 2023

MJOC will have a display at the show and historically has generated many new members over the years. But we need volunteers to assist at different times through out the day. You will need to man the stand for a 2 hour stint and we need those assisting to select the preferred time on the registration activity section. The stand needs to have a member attending throughout the day.

All members manning the stand are required to wear MJOC shirts or tops and club caps. So please make sure you have appropriate MJOC gear.

As Australia’s longest-running 4WD show the Expo has been a must-attend event for all 4WD enthusiasts.  It provides you with the opportunity to explore the exhibit of products such as 4WD accessories, vehicle modifications, camping gear, off-road camper trailers, fishing equipment, and much more.

We will have the club Marque and Show equipment at the show. We will also have room for 4 Jeeps. We already have a Grand Cherokee WK, We would also like a Gladiator, a Wrangler Unlimited and or a Wrangler 2 Door or Cherokee. To display your Jeep at the show you will need to volunter to help out on the stand and be at the show by 7.00 to also assist with the set up and get your Jeep ready. 

The first 4 members who register to volunteer for this event will receive free entry to the show.

Check Out All Details and Register Here Trips Training & Events
Members Frequently Asked Questions
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What does 'Tail End Charlie" Do
What does 'Tail End Charlie" Do


The last vehicle in a convoy is called “Tail End Charlie” and they perform an important role in the running of a successful convoy and enjoyable trip. A good Tail EndCharlie is required to perform vital functions in combination with the Trip Leader and assist with emergency situations or perform back up support for the Trip Leader. 

Some Trip Leaders like to interchange the Tail End Charlie during a trip to give others a chance to have a go at the role, this is ok, but this can also have a negative effect on the convoy if the driver is inexperienced or guidelines and expectations are not known or communicated by the Trip Leader.

To educate members and Trip Leaders as to how the Tail-end Charlie role should operate and to better manage the trip and convoy process here is a list of functions that a good Tail End Charlie should be expected to perform.

  • Inform the Trip Leader when the convoy has passed through and completed turns at intersections
  • Communicate progress of the group to the Trip Leader as to completion of any obstacles, appropriate speed or stoppages
  • Advise when group has started moving again after a stoppage
  • Ensure correct convoy procedure is being followed as directed by the Trip Leader
  • Check lunch or campsites for anything left behind or for rubbish not collected on departure
  • Keep an eye on the convoy and advise the Trip Leader of any concerns with vehicles or drivers (some, more private messages, can be performed via second handheld radio or a predetermined UHF Chanel to the Trip Leader)
  • Advise if Trip Leader is travelling too fast or slow for the group (Tail End Charlie often gets a better view of the group from the rear)
  • Help with spotting vehicles over obstacles to relieve the Trip Leader so they can get their vehicle further up the Trail
  • Tail End Charlie is often given the task of leading the convoy when the group has to do a U-turn and reverse back along a track
  • Inform the Trip Leader of any following traffic such as other 4WD’s (common sense and courtesy should apply if your group is moving very slowly or followers may need to wait in difficult terrain)
  • Assist the Trip Leader with controlling the convoy and communication if there is a need to move over and safely park to enable passing traffic especially Trail bikers
  • Ensure any communication gets through to the Trip Leader and responded to. Don’t assume a message gets through — get a response.
  • Make sure a simple Thank You is given to other oncoming drivers who may have pulled over to let your group pass by and advise them that you are the last vehicle
  • Rather than the whole group stopping when someone needs to have a quick toilet stop Tail End Charlie can wait with them and ensure a quick catch up.
  • Tail End Charlie should be experienced and competent enough to manage a difficult recovery should the Trip Leader require delegation.
  • Make sure everyone is accounted for when leaving stop points and radio check includes all participants are in vehicles
  • Ensure all vehicles are off the main road or highway when turning onto secondary roads or tracks


Benefits of being Tail End Charlie include

  • Gain vital on job experience that could lead to eventually becoming a Trip Leader
  • The track is often more challenging after getting chopped up by the other vehicles (more fun)
  • You can stop for a toilet stop anytime you like and don’t have to walk too far
  • No one sees if you mess up
  • You often have a front row seat to the action up ahead.
  • You can blame the Trip Leader if the group gets lost

Even though the Tail End Charlie is the last vehicle in the group, it’s an extremely important position. This driver is often as skilled as the Trip Leader, and has the added responsibilities inherent in being placed last in line. But it’s a good role to aspire to. As you develop your 4WD skills and experience, plan for the day when you will step up and volunteer to be a Tail End Charlie and maybe later, a Trip Leader

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How do we manage convoys on trips?
How do we manage convoys on trips?

Convoy Process 

The club uses 2 different convoy methods and some trip leaders use one or the other and often use both together.

Leap Frog Technique -

The Trip Leader requests that the second vehicle in the convoy stops in a safe position that clearly points the way. They stay until all vehicles pass by and then rejoins the convoy ahead of the ‘tail-end Charlie’. This procedure is repeated at all intersections along the way unless all vehicles are bunched up and in visual contact.

Stop Look And Go Technique - 

This technique is used mostly in smaller groups or when the vehicles are close together. Each vehicle stops at each intersection and waits for the following vehicle to indicate visual contact of the direction of travel. Radio communications are used or headlights flashed to indicate this. Never take off without confirmation that the following vehicle has seen you. This procedure has a higher risk of vehicles missing turns if a driver forgets to wait.

Windshield Decals Now Available

Thanks to Blair Shaw, the MJOC Shop now has new windshield decals. Now uploaded to the online shop. They will also be available at the next meeting 
"We Get 'Em Dirty" in 2 sizes: 65x300mm & 140x600mm

Dont Store Your Winch Hook Like This?

Why not? It Looks Cool!

There are a number of resons why we dont recommend you store your winch hook attached to a recovery hook.

It can be easily damaged by another vehicle reversing against it while parked. This can damage the rope or it could get caught on a tow bar and be pulled out damaging your winch.

It is exposed to UV rays which will damage your rope.

You could get bogged in a muddy hole and the hook is under the vehicle and will be a messy job to get it unhooked and usable.

It will cause a wear point where it comes over the fairlead causing a weakness in the rope.

Worse still, you could grab the rope in your hand and think you are winching out when infact the winch goes in squashing your fingers. 

One of our members lost the end of a finger doing this recently.
Check Out More Tips and Tricks on oiur Tips and Tricks Page


Recognition of First Nations People

We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land where we visit, work and live. We pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging. We celebrate the stories, culture and traditions of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People of all communities who also live and work on this land.