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MJOC Trip Report

Beachport 2022
Beachport 22

South Australian Beaches 2022

Beachport, South End & Robe SA.

Trip Leader Ian Fletcher

The March long weekend saw a contingent of MJOC members head over to South Australia to play on the beaches and sand dunes of the magnificient Limestone Coast of South Australia. Base Camp was Beachport at the Southern Ocean Caravan Park which as always was a popular spot on this busy weekend. The caravan park was at capicity with travellers from all over coverging on the town. Most MJOC members were at the caravan park but some had to find accomodation in Millecent and South End. Michael Haworth also came across from Adelaide where he recentlt re-located to and in all we had 15 Jeeps from MJOC. Well, we did have a Patrol and a Ranger as well as Michaels Everest in the group and Trip Leader duties were assisted by Michael. 

We all arrived on the Friday and settled in for a great weekend. Saturday saw the group on the main beach from Beachport to Southend where we held a mini sand driving training session to refresh everyones skills and we also demonstrated a snatch recovery and how to use Maxtrak treads.

Once this was completed we headed off down the beach to Southend passing a group of horse riders along the way. The day was cloudless and no wind to speak of and we drive in near perfect conditions with the tide just turning from low so there was plenty of firm wet sand to drive on as well as loose dry sand to test out the newbie's skills.

Once at Southend we headed into the Capunda National Park and for the more challenging beaches heading towards Carpenters Rocks. The first couple of vehicles saw a snake crossing the road as we headed towards the beach. As we approached the last rise in the track before the beach entrance the Trip Leader became stuck on the crest of a dune that had a severe drop off to one side. After some vigorous digging and use of Maxtraks the Trip Leader reversed back down the hill. A re-alignment of the track was performed with some shovels and with the use of 4 Maxtaks in one rut we managed to get everyone else up and over the dune and on to the beach. The beaches in this section are notoriously more challenging and after a breif stop for lunch on the beach we headed off again As the beach statred to narrow we decided to leave the beach at Oil Rig Square where the first few vehicles successfully made it off the beach. But then one after the other vehicles became stuck as the loose sand became chopped up and snatch strap recoveries became the oder of the day. Even the vehicles pulling out the stricken vehicles became stuck. This excercise was made even more tricky by some impation other drivers who drove throgh while live recoveries were being performed. After what seemed like hours we finally goyt all the vehicles free of the clutches of this notorious section of beach and headed back to Beachport via the black top.

Saturday night saw most of the group gather for dinner at the Beachport Hotel which like the caravan park was chockers.

Sunday saw us lining up to head in the other direction towards Robe and the long beach and dune drive. Some spectacular scenery enhanced the drive from Beachport and we were soon on the beaches for a spectacular experience. Once again the day saw clear blue cloudless skies and with the tide out we had many options to experience the great beach driving in this section. After a while a diversion saw us in the Buggy Park sand dunes which were just like being in the Sahara desert massive dunes every where. We spent some time in this area climbing and descending dune after dune with some fantastic scenery. There were many other 4WD groups playing in here also so we had to watch out for other vehicles.

Once we left Buggy Park we headed off on the beaches again. One of the hazards in thjis area are the narrow tracks off the beaches which you need to use when the beach ends. on one of these we came up behind another group of 4WD's that were reversing back to an intersection as there was oncoming vehicles and this created a bit of a jam. We soon sorted that all out and headed on back to the beach where there were numerous 4wd groups crowding the beaches. We managed to arrive at Nora Creina without seeing the nudist that are usually there, they were there earlir apparently. Once through the gates at Nora Crein we aired up and headed off to Robe for lucious ice creams than made our own way back to Beachport.

Sunday night saw some of us have dinner at Bompas resturant which was dissapointing as Ian did not get his meal.

Monday saw everyone head for home at leisure after anther great trip to the dunes and beaches of this region.

We acknowledge and respect Victorian Traditional Owners as the original custodians of Victoria’s land and waters, their unique ability to care for Country and deep spiritual connection to it. We honour Elders past, present and emerging, whose knowledge and wisdom has ensured the continuation of culture and traditional practices.